Sonia Falcone

Sonia Falcone is a contemporary Latin-American artist whose art is a calling to overcome the abyss between cultures, as well as between humanity and nature. Confronting with her work the divisions that lead us to destruction, Falcone invites us to find diverse forms of harmony in the interrelation of the most diverse cultural practices.

This spiritual journey is reflected in her renowned installation Campos de Color, made with spices and minerals from all over the word, as a universal metaphor for unity in diversity.

Sonia Falcone’s work has been twice exhibited at the Venice Biennale, as well as in different museums. Currently she is participating in the exhibition Unsettled at the Nebraska Art Museum, organized for the curator Joanne Northtup, in collaboration with Ed Rusha.

Sonia Falcone has also participated in the Montevideo Biennial, and in curatorial projects for art fairs such as the Moscow World Fine Art, Pinta New York, London and Miami, and ArtBo Bogotá. She has been invited to exhibit at the Alejandra von Hartz gallery (Miami), Hai gallery (Beijing), Fabien Castanier gallery (Los Angeles), and Salar gallery (La Paz), among many others.