SEA TURTLE LIBERATION with SyCOMA at Campamento Tortuguero Don Manuel Orantes

As part of AMA’s goal to liberate 1 million sea turtles in one year, we at AMA joined forces with biologist Doctora Graciela Tiburcio Pintos from SyCOMA and Don Manuel Orantes at his Campamento Tortuguero. 

Here we helped the two of them dig up hundreds of newborn Oliver Ridley Sea Turtles from under the sand where they had hatched from eggs buried here in the fenced camp, just centimetres from the surface, kept safely protected from predators. 

We then placed them in large buckets, counted them up to keep a record and carried them onto the seashore, where we softly placed them down, one by one, onto the sand, ready for their great departure into the sea.

Slowly but surely each of them pattered towards the lapping waves until the water carried them away. 
Scientists estimate that only one in a thousand will survive but those that do can reach a width of 70cm in size and weigh around 40 kilos, surviving for over 100 years. 

In two of these procedures, on separate days, we liberated 3000 sea turtles.

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